The question I aim to study is what happens when relevant books for children and young adults in English reach the literary trail in Catalan: how they adapt, what they represent and what changes they create in the target culture. As we will see, I have selected four key stories that, in different ways, are already part of the history of children’s literature and when they come into contact with the Catalan literary trail, they represent very different communication models.

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Lluch, G. (2014): «The Worlds of Fiction of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. George’s Marvellous Medicine, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games in Catalan”, in Reyes-Torres, A. Luis S. Villacañas-de-Castro, Betlem Soler-Pardo (edt.). Thinking through Children’s Literarure in the Classrrom. London: Cambridge Scholars Publiching, pp. 150-166.